Sunflower meal is a valuable feed, which contains 30–43% of crude protein, a rich set of amino acids, in particular, a high content of methionine that has a positive effect on young domestic animals growth and development. As compared to bagasse, the meal has a slightly higher amount of crude protein, but less fat – no more than 1.5%. The content of hulls is no more than 16% (there are also meals produced without hulls).

Meal is a by-product in the production of vegetable oils obtained after pressing and extracting oilseeds. Pressing is the process of squeezing oil out of oilseeds. The extraction process consists in allocating residual oil content from the seeds after pressing with the help of organic solvents. The residual oil contained in bagasse after pressing comprises up to 10%, while the percentage for sunflower meal is brought to 1.5 – 2%.

Meal is indispensable as a high-protein supplement in the production of feed for cattle, pigs, poultry, as it contains natural proteins, fiber, vitamins E and B, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Meal is used for fodder purposes of domestic animals, poultry, fish. It is used in pure form, and also as an additive in compound feedstuff. Meal contains up to 43% of easily digestible protein. Sunflower meal increases the domestic animals productivity, improves the quality of livestock products and increases the fat content in milk and the cow daily milk yield.

The products we offer are manufactured in conformity with world standards and fully comply with GOST standard 11246-96 (mass fraction of crude protein (%) no less than 39).

Every batch goes through close laboratory monitoring for all required indicators, which ensures the best possible quality of the product delivered.


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