Soybean meal is one of the most valuable concentrated protein feeds used in agriculture. It is produced by pressing and extracting oil from soybeans.

Soybean meal is widely used in livestock industry. It is especially good as a feed for young poultry. The meal is perfectly digested in animals body and has a high nutritional value. The protein content in soybean meal is about 50%. As for the biological value, soy protein is close to the proteins of animal origin. The content of lysine in soybean meal is much higher than in other types of meals.

A high concentration of energy and protein per unit of dry mass makes it possible to provide the body with a sufficient amount of nutrients with a small amount of feed. Young poultry consuming a small amount of feed in the first weeks of life receives sufficient energy and protein nutrition for intensive growth and flesh differentiation. Soy’s high energy and protein content requires less enzymes to digest nutrients.

Therefore the digestibility of soybeans well prepared for feeding reaches maximum when regarding young domestic animals.

The products we offer are manufactured in conformity with world standards and fully comply with GOST standard 12220-96 (mass fraction of crude protein (%) no less than 45).


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