MEAL FROM FISH, MARINE MAMMALS, CRUSTACEANS AND INVERTEBRATES, generally referred to as fishmeal is the food product, a source of high quality concentrated protein, as well as rich in fatty acids.

Fishmeal was used mainly as a fertilizer so far. Its properties, however, were later studied in more detail, and now this product is used as a food additive for fattening poultry and domestic animals due to its unique composition.

First of all, we are talking about a remarkably wide range of natural substances and minerals that fishmeal contains: these are phosphorus (nearly all seafood is rich in it), as well as calcium, a whole set of amino acids, iodine, selenium, vitamins A, D and B group vitamins. Each of these elements has its own useful properties.

Our partners, the world’s largest factories Golden Lead Import and Export Trade Company Ltd (Gambia), Africa Feed Suarl (Senegal), are the benchmark manufacturers of FISHMEAL, while the goods produced are in demand steadily due to their high quality.

The products we offer are manufactured in conformity with world standards and fully comply with GOST standard 2116-2000 (protein content 65% and over).

Every batch goes through close laboratory monitoring for all required indicators, which ensures the best possible quality of the product delivered.


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